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In 2017, Greenlandagro company was formed with the aim of bringing a super quality product in the market, which resulted in better results than expected. Super quality and the satisfaction of the customers is our prime motto.

Founder and Innovator:

Ashik Husain Mohammed Ali Gani hailed from a small village of Kanodar (North Gujarat, Taluka Palanpur, Zilla Banaskantha). He joined the family business after passing 8th standard. After working on the lathe machine, he started the work of repairing diesel engines in 1969. In 1972 he purchased a tractor and would do the works for the farmers. Since 1972, doing work for the farmers and being in close contact with them, who were his friends, he would always be thinking of solving the day to day problems faced by the farmers. Finally, in 1994, after manufacturing the boring machine (for water) along with his brothers, he leaped in the business of boring machines. In 1997-98 he made the first machine to remove the failed boring casing pipe, which helped farmers in recovering from great loss, and this machine became a blessing to the farmers. Since 1972, he started searching and innovating small and new inventions keeping in mind the problems faced by the farmers in their day to day activities of farming. The advancement in the technology and the development of the country led to a huge shortage of workers, due to which the farmers started having major problems in farming. Among them the biggest problem faced by the farmer was having to compost the fields. Using the simple trolley, the fertilizers were piled in the farms, but due to the shortage of labor the pile of fertilizers would remain unattended for 10-15 days. This led to the destruction of the main components of the fertilizers, due to which the land was not adequately fertilized. Keeping this problem in mind, Ashiq Gani thought to manufacture such a machine so that farmers can get rid of this problem, as well as save their time and money and get a fertile crop. Keeping the above things in view, he established Greenlandagro company along with his son and his family friends on January 01, 2017 and took the first step to manufacture the machine. After 2 years of hard work and as a result of teamwork, they succeeded. In October 2018 he introduced product called ‘Farmland Muck Spreader’ in the market. Even though Ashiq Gani in spite of not having an engineer's degree, but having the intelligence, manufactured this machine, which is no less than any great invention for the revolution of farming technology. Ashiq Gani’s main motto is to solve the problems of the farmers as well as save their time and money, and to be a part in fulfilling the dream of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in doubling the income of farmers by 2022.

Product Improvement:

When this machine was ready, then it was not possible to test and know the existing defects in the machine by using it once or twice. Till the product does not reach the user, all the defects cannot be known. Hence one machine was given free of cost to a farmer to use it, thereby taking the daily inputs of the problems faced by the farmer in the usage of the machine, quick improvements were incorporated in the design and manufacturing of other machines. As a result, they could introduce the best quality machine in the market. This machine is the result of the hard work of Ashiq Hussein Mohamed Ali and his teamwork.



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